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SandwichACP Panels

The term sandwich panels come in because of the structural formation of ACP, these panels are three-layered with an LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) core which has aluminum coil layers fixed on both sides through high-quality adhesive films. A protective film is also provided on top of every panel. The three-layered structure gives it the name of a sandwich panel. Due to their unique structural formation, the outer aluminum layers can be modified into an end number of designs, colors, patterns and even textures. Alutech Industries, one of the leading ACP manufacturers in India provide a wide variety of high-quality aluminium composite panels that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building and at the same time, make the façade weatherproof. Sandwich ACPs are meticulously made in our production units under strict supervision to ensure quality. ACP come in a wide variety of colours and patterns which can be accessed through our e-catalogue. Apart from providing an endless variety of our homegrown patterns, we also customize our panels with your requirements of colours, size, thickness & aluminium coils. The perks of joining hands with Alutech do not just end here, we have a delivery network spanning across the nation ensuring safe and timely delivery of your product, always. There is no better alternative to Alutech ACP panels, and the endless benefits are a justification in itself, so pick up the catalogue and choose the best design and design your majestic monument with Alutech.

Sandwitch Panels | Alutech - ACP

Benefits to use Sandwich in Your Exterior Cladding

1. The structural formulation makes it lightweight and hence easy to transport as well as install.
2. Highly durable as they are weather-resistant and termite-proof.
3. Easy to clean with no shrinkage or swelling.
4. Eco friendly, fully recyclable and UV resistant.