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Exterior claddings of your structures should be well designed and unique in your way. Traditionally exterior paints were used to inculcate the element of design on the exteriors of a building, but they came in with their own set of disadvantages, they were not durable and also had limited design flexibility. This is where Aluminum Composite Panels (popularly known as APCs) came in as a solution. APC panels are sandwich panels that are lightweight, durable, flexible and to top all of it- Highly Customizable. Alutech Industries, one of the leading ACP manufacturers in India provide a wide variety of high-quality aluminium composite panels that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your building and at the same time, make the façade weatherproof. Exterior walls are highly exposed to harsh weather conditions. Alutech panels are a sure shot solution to eliminate every problem associated with traditional external claddings as they are heat resistant and withstand harsh weather.

Exterior Cladding | Alutech - ACP Panels

Benefits to use ACP in your Exterior Cladding

1. Weathering and chemical resistance makes it a popular choice to use on exteriors.
2. Non-toxic and environment-friendly Durable exterior coating performance
3. Cost-effective as compared to other options available in the market.
4. Durability as it lasts for years once installed without its colour fading.