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While designing the interiors of a building, there always has been a dilemma between durability and design flexibility. The coming in of ACP eliminates this dilemma forever. ACP comes with lots of features like durability, termite resistance and a variety of designs. These are the main reasons why ACP is being widely demanded as a material to design the interiors of homes, offices and even retail outlets. The consumer in the 21st century is as rational as one could be, with access to the internet, a consumer can make comparisons within seconds. The modern customer wants the best quality product without compromising on aesthetics. An ACP panel is the perfect solution for the modern rational consumer as it can provide durability along with a high range of customization in their interior claddings. The use of these high-quality panels is not just limited to exteriors, as these APC panels are highly customizable, they can be finished to give out a marble or even wooden look, making them a perfect choice of material for beautifying your interiors.

Interior Cladding | Alutech - ACP Panels

The Benefits of Using ACP Panels for your Interiors Cladding

1. Termite proof and highly durable makes it a long-lasting product.
2. A variety of colours and patterns are available to choose from according to your preferences.
3. No need to worry about its cleanliness as it has easy installation and maintenance
4. It gives your site aesthetic appeal.