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Fire RetardantACP Sheets

Alutech always aims to deliver the best quality product to its customers and hence, the fire retardant properties are given to our ACP. With this constant zeal of making the product even better, Alutech is on its way to becoming one of the top Aluminum Composite Panel manufacturers in India. FR Warrior provides a complete package of design-friendly, strong and trustworthy material that make your building stand strong through some of the most extreme situations that may arise. Going by the age-old saying, “Better be safe than sorry.”, it can be concluded that a fire-retardant ACP is a prerequisite for every modern structure. If while laying the building, its foundation is considered to be the most important aspect, while thinking about the safety concerns of the building FR Aluminum Composite Panels should be given utmost importance. . Hence, every effort must be undertaken to ensure the safety of the building, and FR Aluminum Composite Panels is the first step towards that direction. The FR warrior is not just a panel that beautifies your projects or makes them long-lasting, it is the assurance of safety and durability.

Fire Retardant Panels | Alutech - ACP

Benefits Of Using Fire Retardant ACP

1. ACP is durable as its colour does not fade away over time and it is also weather resistant.
2. Our ACP is manufactured with high-quality material and the best finishing giving it a premium look.
3. ACP design panels are highly customizable and can be altered to your needs.
4.ACP provides you safety against fire as it is fire resistant.