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Aluminium Composite Panels

Alutech Aluminium composite panels (ACP) match the global standard in quality and design.

Why Alutech

Our range of high quality metal based HPL-ACP can be contrasted with other shades to create style that surely match your tastes and preferences.

Vision & Mission

We believe in earning trust of our clients through our diverse range of products uncompromised quality and service from manufacturing to delivery.

Our Values

We strive for excellence in all areas of delivery, going above and beyond to exceed our clients expectation.

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Alutech is a top-tier manufacturer of “Aluminium Composite Panels & HPL Sheets”, with production units in both southern and northern India. Our products are unrivaled in terms of being tough, eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and driven by quality. Also, customisable to meet the demands of both modern and innovative interior and exterior designs, and they are well received in both the residential and commercial sectors. Our company has a proven track record of producing high-quality panels. We offer a variety of designs, colors, and shades to meet individual tastes and preferences. With every single project, we strive to do something innovative and valuable in the field of architecture. We aim to stay ahead of changing trends and technologies to create architectural wonders.

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Our Services

provided features

ACP Sheets

Alutech ACP (Aluminum Composite Panels) is widely used as a very popular building cladding material for modern buildings.

HPL Sheets

HPL, is the best replacement of wood & Marble being used for exteriors of our home and commercial buildings.

Interior Wall Caldding

While designing the interiors of a building, there always has been a dilemma between durability and design flexibility.

Exterior ACP Cladding

Exterior claddings of your structures should be well designed and unique in your way.

Fire Retardant ACP

Alutech always aims to deliver the best quality product to its customers and hence, the fire retardant properties are given to our ACP.

Sandwich ACP Panels

Due to their unique structural formation, the outer aluminum layers can be modified into an end number of designs, colors, patterns and even textures.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminium panel alloy offers increased corrosion resistance and benefits in the processing of ACP. We use 1100/3300/5500 aluminium alloy grades as per customer requirements.

The coatings applied on Aluminium Composite Panels is PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride). It helps to avoid the impact of harsh weather conditions by making it UV resistant, anti-fading and anti-frost resistance.

Our manufacturing capacity is 10,000 square meters of premium quality ACP per day.

Alutech Sandwich ACPs are the perfect material to decorate your walls and make a mark with your building be it your home or office. Alutech sandwich Panels come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can be accessed through our e-catalogue. Apart from providing an endless variety of our home grown patterns we also customize our panels with your requirements of colors, size, thickness & aluminum coils.

The normal size of our Aluminium Composite Panels is 3mm, 4mm or 6mm, depending upon the thicknesses for polyethylene and aluminium sheets used.

We at Alutech Industries give utmost attention to our product quality. Going by our promise of quality, we provide a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects on all our products. ACP can withstand harsh weather conditions like sunlight, heavy rain, etc. Its durability makes it long-lasting without any fading.

Our plants are present in Andhra Pradesh and Himachal.