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HPL(High-Pressure Laminates)Sheets

HPL, is the best replacement of wood & Marble being used for exteriors of our home and commercial buildings. It is considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface material and its available with special performance properties including chemical, fire and water resistance powered by research & development team. Recently, we developed Metal Based HPL's with 6 MM thickness which Is perfectly suitable for extreme & completely unpredictable Indian Weather. These Metal based HPL is are getting widely used in miscellaneous fields due to its excellent mechanical & physical performance making it as one of the most popular material in various application areas.

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Eco Friendly

The composition of HPL is such that it does not release any kind of fumes and toxic chemicals in the environment. It is completely eco friendly made out of resins and paper.

UV and Termite Resistant

Unlike other thermoplastics available in the market like PVC, PS, ABS, etc. HPL can withstand up to 180 degrees Celsius. HPL sheets are infused with melamine resin making them resistant to heat.

Water and Fungus Resistance

The additional layer of plastic used on HPL sheets helps it significantly to resist water and moisture. This feature of HPL makes it possible to install it in areas where a large amount of moisture is present.

Application of HPL Sheets

Counter Top

HPL is increasingly being used on countertops as it is attractive and appealing. Its low maintenance and durability make it quite economical. ACP is also water and fire resistant which makes it a perfect product for the kitchen.


Whether you are furnishing your very first home, or renovating, opting for personalized and customized furniture over mass production can take your home to the next level. Easy maintenance of HPL helps to save time and reduces stress to keep furniture clean.

Wall Panel

The place you live is not only a building but a reflection of you and your family’s personality. Manufactured in a modern and innovative style, Alutech HPL offers you a variety of options like rosewood, Bubinga, etc.


High-quality floors improve the interior design of a space and bring together all the other elements, including the furniture and wall decors. High-quality HPL used in flooring helps to provide a smooth and easily maintained surface.